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Publication Principles

1- A candidate article in the research article category should be at least 7,500 to 12,500 words (including extended English abstract, tables, photographs, figures and references).
2- By submitting your academic manuscripts to our journal, it is accepted that all copyrights of the articles are transferred to us.
3- No fee is charged for the submission, preparation and publication of your academic manuscripts.
4- Even if the referee process for the articles to be published in the journal has been successfully completed, the decision to publish belongs to the editorial board of the journal.
5- The scientific and legal responsibility of the articles published in the journal belongs to the authors.
6- The name, place and date of the paper should be given at the end of the first page as a footnote in the articles that are planned to be published for research presented at scientific meetings such as symposiums, congresses and articles produced from theses.
7- In studies supported by a research institution or organization, the name of the organization providing the support, the name of the project, the date, number and number (if any) should be given immediately before the bibliography under the title Fundings.
8- Authors are obliged to take into account the criticism, suggestions and corrections of the referee and editor.
9- A maximum of one article by one author can be published in one issue.
10- A structured English extended abstract of the Turkish manuscripts submitted to the journal is requested from the authors depending on the result of the peer review.

Fast publication
Articles are peer-reviewed and a first decision is made approximately 30 days after submission; acceptance for publication is made within 5 days.

Plagiarism and Originality Policy

Authors must ensure that they are writing entirely original work, and if authors have used the work and/or words of others, this must be properly cited. For this reason, a plagiarism report from Ithenticate must be submitted with the manuscript.

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