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Conservation-Use of Natural Areas in Rural Development for Ecotourism Purposes: Küp Waterfall of Adana’s Aladağ District

As our country has above the average elevation, its numerous natural beauties in mountainous areas are waiting to be discovered. Natural beauties such as canyons, valleys, lake sand waterfalls located in the South Taurus Mountains are places with high potential fore cotourism. Today, in the Southern Taurus Mountains surrounding Çukurova in the Mediterranean Region, natural wonder areas with high ecotourism potential are being discovered. Küp Waterfall, which is located on the Zamantı River, one of the tributaries of the Seyhan River in the Adana’s Aladağ district, is one of them.Küp Waterfall emerged as a result of the withdrawal of water after the hydroelectric power plant Project was started on the Zamantı River. The waterfall sare on the Zamantı River, one of the largest tributaries of the Seyhan River. It take sits name from the Küp Neighborhood, which is 1 km to the west. Küp waterfall is 130 km from Adana and 45 km from Aladag district. Thick, high purity jurassic-cretaceousneritic limestone upp era cretaceous ophiolitic melange reseen in the immediate vicinity of .Inaddition, there are tufa formations in the vicinity of cold and warmwater resources with abundant porousand plant remains. The waterfalls are 420 m above the sea level, with heigh sranging from two to four meter sand flowing in a 1.5 km long canyon.The purpose of this study is to reveal the ecotourism potential of Küp Waterfall, located in the Aladag District, to shed light to the works on the waterfall’s tourism potential in rural development, and to make sure the necessary importance is given in terms of the balance of conservation and use of thewaterfall. Fort his purpose, tufa formations were examined and photos were taken during the field survey. Interviews were conducted with the Aladağ District Municipality and District Governorate and information was taken about what they have done so far for the protection of the Küp Waterfall. The field study maps were developed using the 1/25000 scale Turkey’s topography and 1/100,000 scale Turkey’s geology maps taken from the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration. The objective of the project is to develop decisions to plan the nature tourism alternatives of Kup Waterfall in rural development as the sustainable economic resource of the identified natural heritage potential of Kup Waterfall of Aladag District by SWOT analysis. In doing so, Kup Waterfall ecosystem is to minimize the degradation of the natural environment by considering the balance of conservation and use.

Rural Development, Küp Waterfall Ecotourism, Conservation-Use.


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