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The teaching of Cultural Heritage with Oral History in Life Studies Courses

Life studies lessons include various subjects related to national, cultural and sentimental values of Turkish society, so elementary students begin to know society where they live through the lessons. To learn a society's culture and values, the significant and the nearest sources are families. The pupils may get to know their own culture especially through cultural transmission of older people. In this respect, oral history is one of the most proper methods that can be used in the teaching of culture and values. In an oral history study, the pupils interview with their family members, relatives, and neighbors, and they explore the culture and values of society by following the basic scientific steps. The current research aims to uncover the role of oral history method in the teaching of intangible cultural heritage items. The research was conducted according to action research. Working group consists of 2th-grade students (24) who are studying in a private elementary school is serviced in Bursa. The students were chosen from various classes which co-researcher teacher is teaching, and by using parent informed consent form. All data were obtained from preliminary knowledge assessment forms, final knowledge assessment forms, unstructured surveys, and interview evaluation forms of source person. Obtained data were analyzed by using the content analysis method and interpreted. Results of the research show that oral history implementation enables students to know in detail intangible cultural heritage items. In addition, students that perceived change and continuity mostly focused on the negative aspect of change. Besides these, source people pointed out that the study draws the two generations together and to help explore of culture.

Life Studies, Oral History, Elementary School, Teaching of Culture, Change and Continuity


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