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The Effects Of New Religious Movements On Central Asia’s Youth And The Role Of Religious Education

The spread of radical Islam in Central Asian countries and the fact that the highest participation is among the youth, is something that closely relates to the future of the region. In addition, with the globalizing world the perception in the identity seek of youth is changing. Religion instils a sense of confidence and a life philosophy to a youngster seeking an identity, but if religion is not thought correctly, then it is possible to have undesired consequences. Studies indicate that following independence in Central Asian countries, the most popular subject among youth has become religion. Therefore, the positive and negative contributions of religion and religious education must be examined. In addition, it is another important matter to analyse the religious education to see which religion’s education it is, what is the source and what tools are being used. In this context, our study will be looking to answer the following questions: Does religion influence the search for identity by youngsters? To what extent are the effect of new religious movements on the formation of identity in young people? What is the harmful effect of religion on Central Asian youth and what effect does religion have on preventing this? In this statement, we will emphasize the need to become aware of the need to have a healthy religious education that can correctly and sufficiently satisfy the search for identity, rather than ignoring religion which has an important place in the search for identity by young people. Because religion is the leading factor in ensuring the spiritual development of a person. If we fail to provide a healthy religious education to young people, the other radical religious movements actively operating in the area will continue to attract young people with poor or no religious knowledge.

Religious Education, Identity, Youth, Central Asia, New Religious Movements


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