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After Kyrgyzstan’s Independence, Migration From Here and Migrants’ Issues

Throughout history, people have been forced to migrate to other cities or countries for reasons such as wars, famine, unemployment and poverty all over the world. Kyrgyzstan, situated within the political structure of the collapse of the Soviet Union, was at the center of both political and socio-economic problems. For 70 years, the people living in the communist system, where everything is considered to be equal, began to struggle to maintain their lives in great uncertainty and helplessness in the new period. People in Kyrgyzstan who have little knowledge of neighboring or distant countries and who have the hope that they can live there migrate to these places. At the beginning, a significant portion of those who hoped to earn money returned to seek ways to live permanently in the countries they were in. Has increased so much trouble occur with migration taking place in other countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Because immigration is not just a matter of collecting the goods and going away. Behind him is the family, his children, his parents, many problems that arise from leaving his relatives. It is even more difficult for people to decide to go or stay. Again, a lot of information and data about the different culture and living conditions faced by the places where they are going and the search for new identity that emerges over time in children living in these places needs to be evaluated under academic conditions.

Migration, Poverty-Unemployment, Broken Family, New Identity


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