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The Effect Of The Narrative Technique On The Comprehension The Informative Texts

The purpose of this study is to investigate the knowledge of textbooks of elementary school 4th grade students in order to construct their story technique. The first study group of the study was 24 students in the 4th grade in primary school. The second study group consists of 20 elementary school 4th grade teachers. The study group was conducted with an easy comparison sampling technique. Explicit sequential mixed pattern model in mixed models. Textbooks from 4th grade textbooks, textbooks from the appropriate children's magazines and books at that level, the recommendation of teachers and field experts. For texts, there are five simple, five deep questionnaires that are very simple, photos for answering to the students after applying them. His practice has been made some weeks apart. The first two text methods will be done and scores will be pre-test scores. Later, two texts with stories were prepared. In the last two texts, practice and evaluation, the average score of these two texts was accepted as final test scores. Identification of the final test scores After 20 days, the final text has been applied to test the permanence. A focus group interview was held to determine the views of students and teachers on the narrative technique. The data obtained for the first sub-problem in the study were analyzed by t-test for dependent groups. For the retention test, the data were analyzed by Pearson correlation. The data obtained for the second sub-problem were listed in line with the opinions of the students. The data obtained for the third sub-problem was categorized in the direction of teachers' opinions. The informative texts in the paired t-test on the reading comprehension scores of the students mean; it seems that there is a meaningful difference in terms of understanding between the use of traditional methodology and the use of narrative techniques. When the scores of the final test and retention test of the study group were examined, it was seen that there was a high positive correlation between the posttest and persistence test. According to the results obtained from the research; it was determined that the narrative technique contributed to permanent learning in the teaching process and that students and teachers showed a positive attitude towards the technique of narrating informative texts.

Understanding, informative text, narrative technique


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