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Place Names Named “Yunus Emre” in Anatolia

Some thinkers transcend time and space and become a universal value with their works. Yunus Emre, who lived in Anatolia between the 13th-14th centuries, is such a great scholar and mystic. One of the symbols of human values, human love, and social peace, he has left deep traces in the history of Turkish Sufism and Turkish Literature. He became one of the prominent poets who contributed to the development of the Turkish language. With his philosophy built on universal values, he has given messages for humanity to live together around peace and common values, regardless of religion, language or race. Although it has been seven centuries since his death, his thoughts, poems, philosophy, his way of perceiving life and the world, and most importantly, his "name" continues to live among us. Today, there are numerous places with his name. At the same time, many people are given the name "Yunus Emre" and his name is kept alive. Nevertheless, the location of Yunus Emre's grave, who traveled many parts of Anatolia, could not be determined exactly. There are no clear estimations regarding the geographical setting in which he lived. He is thought to have lived in various parts of Turkey. Most probably provinces of Eskişehir and Karaman are among the possible locations. It is claimed that Yunus Emre has tombs in different cities such as Manisa, Bursa, Afyonkarahisar, Erzurum, Aksaray, Ordu, Sivas and even in different countries such as Azerbaijan. There are settlements bearing his name. Yunus Emre's name has been given to schools, mosques, neighborhoods, avenues, streets and different places such as libraries. This shows that Yunus Emre is one of the poets whose poems are remembered, read, recited, loved, admired and appreciated even today. In this study, neighborhoods, avenues, streets, schools, campuses, mosques, cultural centers, parks, libraries and other venues located in different parts of Turkey bearing the name of Yunus Emre were initially determined. These places were grouped within themselves in a meaningful pattern and turned into tables and maps. They were evaluated within the framework of the geographical point of view and the distribution principle of geography. Thus, in which regions the places bearing the name of Yunus Emre are clustered and its relationship with its maqam has been revealed.

Yunus Emre, Geography, Turkey, Anatolia, Place Names


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