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Learning Sufism From the Objects: Things in Yunus Emre's Poems

In literary texts, it is common to use some items in expressing the message given to the reader, the emotion felt and the thought emphasized. The application of this method, which is based on associating concrete objects with abstract concepts, in literary texts, especially in the genre of poetry, requires great literary skill. This aesthetic process, which should be performed without spoiling the formal, semantic and lyrical integrity of the poem, is also one of the determining factors that show the poet's power and skill in literary style. Yunus Emre, one of the most important poets of Religious-Sufistic Turkish poetry, whose influence has continued for centuries and whose lines are almost used as a life guide today, is one of the elements that strengthens his poetry is that he expresses his Sufi thought through some objects. As a matter of fact, in this study, the items present in Yunus's poems and representing the basic issues within the framework of mystical thought were identified; some symbolic expressions of the poet were analyzed by subjecting the verses in which the items with this function are included to the text commentary. These items, to which the sufi gave a mystical identity, were classified according to the environment in which they were used, thus supporting the idea that Yunus could see the truth that exists in every being. In this context, things in Yunus' idea are; they are instructive beings that guide and guide people in comprehending Allah, possessing the secret of creation and existence, the importance of defeating the nafs in the journey of divine love, and comprehending the divine cycle in which they are.

Sufi poetry, Yunus Emre, Objects, Things


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