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Being an Ârif in the World of Yunus Emre

Extended summary One of the leading names in the history of Turkish Sûfîsm is undoubtedly Yunus Emre. Poet Yunus Emre, who sees the world as a manifestation of “Love”, is a master who has almost been a guide to become a perfect human being. Yunus, who is also a Sûfî poet, is a master in expressing the science of the state with the science of soul and conveys the difficult stages of the course of the seyr u sülük with his own unique style, nourished by tradition. He is an “immortal” poet who expressed his vast feelings and thoughts in the style of sehl-i mumteni in his poems, preserved his place in the memory of the people for centuries and, to put it in his own words, “What dies is the body, not the soul”. Yunus, in whose poems we see his own world view, philosophy of life and the reflections of his Sûfî knowledge, has embroidered his deep knowledge with his rich vocabulary in his poems by using püre Turkish. Because Yunus Emre is a sûfî poet, his mystical point of view and his terminology belonging to the world of Sûfîsm is reflected in his poems. In this context, it is seen that Yunus has many poems including the names of Sûfî people. Yunus Emre also includes many mystical figures such as scholars, dervishes, saints, religious people and minstrels in his works. One of the people of Sûfîsm mentioned by Yunus in his poems is the ârif (the one who knows) having ma’rifa. The poems of Yunus, who we can be defined as an ârif, seeker of ma’rifa, who burns with the love of Allah and who wrote his poems based on his own knowledge and vast Sûfî knowledge, include many clues for the ones who want to be an ârif and they are the subject of the current study. In the current study, after evaluatingthe concepts of divinity and mâ’rifa, couplets including the figure ârif in his poems were determined and Yunus Emre’s understanding of wisdom, views and thoughts were examined. In the current study, in which we used the text analysis method, we determined the most important characteristics of ârifs with mâ’rifa by examining the work named “Yunus Emre Divânı” by Sûfî Yunus, and then we examined the couplets by annotating them. It has been determined that the ârif in Yunus Emr poems is the devotee, “Miskin” the thoughtful, a good prayer, the person of divine love, the person of the zuhd, the man of the word, the owner of the mâ’rifa, the person of unity, the abandonment of worldly goods and souls. It has been observed that these characteristics of ârifs are in parallel with the information in Yunus Emre’s poems and many other works on Sûfîsm. For example, it has been determined that Ibn Sinan’s determinations about the characteristics of ârifs coincide with those of Yunus Emre in his poems. At the same time, it has been determined that Yunus Emre’s epic life is parallel to figure of ârif in his poems. These features in “Miskin” Yunus’s poems led to the idea that Yunus had vast information about ârifs as he himself was both an ârif and a sûfî person. As a result of our work, it was concluded that by including the figure of ârif, who is one of the people of Sûfîsm, who is grateful to Allah in every condition, who seeks meaning in every being and in the world, who is in the righteous way, who burns with divine love, who is always ready to give his life for Allah, who has abandoned his worldly desires, who is not in the pursuit of material things, who knows how to say words, who talks about the words of Allah and who is a good prayer, in his poems, Ârif Yunus Emre conveys the perfect human characteristics, which we can call the “ideal man” in the understanding of Sûfîsm, to the people who listen / read his poems. Key words: Yunus Emre, sûfîsm, sûfî, ârif, mâ’rifa

Yunus Emre, sufism, sufiarif, ma'rifa


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