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Yunus Emre and Poems in The Context of Cultural Transfer

Culture, which means the set of values that a society has produced in a material and spiritual sense and transferred to future generations in the historical process, is also a process in which people begin to understand and explain the world shaped around them. The most important tool of this transfer process is language. With the help of language, man has kept the cultural elements he created in his memory and made an effort to carry them to future generations with various tools. Poetry is also a form of expression constructed by language. Poets often conveyed the interests and needs of the society they live in, thus becoming the bearers of cultural memory with this upper language. In this context, Yunus Emre is one of the most powerful examples that keeps alive and reflects the cultural memory of Anatolian people. Turkish XIII. Yunus, who made it the language of poetry in the century, put forward a Turkish philosophy with the values he defended and conveyed, is a thinker that can be regarded as the first example in many ways. In his poems, it is seen that he offers examples of values such as the virtue of the Anatolian people, his views on social order, worldview, and understanding of religion and morality. Within the boundaries of this study, we will evaluate how cultural transmission is made through Yunus Emre's poems. In this study, the ways in which Yunus Emre, who lived in Anatolia in the 13th century, and his poems carried Turkish oral culture to future generations will be discussed. In this context, firstly, the concepts of "culture", "cultural memory" and "culture transfer" will be explained; Then, information will be given about how Yunus Emre, one of the most well-known poet and sufis of the Turkish poetry tradition, takes place in the cultural memory and in what context he presents cultural transfer.

culture, cultural memory, transference, Yunus, poets.


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