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The Values That Pedagogical Formation Students Attributed To The Concept Map According To The Semantic Diferantial Scale

The aim of this study is to examine the positive and negative attitudes of the pedagogical formation students towards the concept map according to the emotional values in the Osgood semantic differential scale. The research data were obtained from the semantic differential scale developed by Osgood, Suci, and Tannenbaum (1957) and arranged for this study. The scale is a 7 point Likert type scale, consisting of seven categories. The sample of the study consists of 47 nursing students (43 girls, 4 boys) who received pedagogical formation training in Necmettin Erbakan University Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Education in the fall term of 2017-2018. Survey model, which is one of the quantitative research approaches, was used in the research. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistical method. The scale consists of 18 adjective pairs structured with two polars. Frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean and standard deviation values were calculated in the analysis of the data. The Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient of the scale was found as .865. With the evaluation of the data, it was determined that the values that the students attributed to the concept map according to the semantic difference were in a positive (x¯ = 5.48) way. It is seen that students' semantic attitudes towards the concept map are positive and their perceptions are important, instructive, useful, effective, should be used, necessary, meaningful and easy. In addition, it is seen that students attributed negative value to the concept map by marking the adjective pair of Ordinary/Extraordinary mostly as neutral and by marking the adjective pair of tiring/not tiring mostly as tiring. When the study data are evaluated, it can be said that the students generally exhibited a positive semantic attitude about the concept map. It is understood from the results that their negative attitude towards the concept map were very low.

Semantic differential scale, Concept Map, Pedagogical Formation


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