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The Comparison of The Medieval Turkish Ceremony And Islamic Family Law In The Context of The Marriage Process

Ethic (consuetudes and traditions); They are the rules that regulate social life, adopted by the society and turned into a way of behavior in periods and societies where there were no written legal rules. In order to examine, recognize and analyze a society, it is necessary to examine the customs, traditions and cultures of that society. The ethics and traditions that reflect the societies' perspective on life, their world of thought and living conditions are in a way the reflection of the societies. The establishment of the family, which is the smallest social unit of the society, has come to the fore as ceremonies and ceremonies where many traditions and customs have been observed since ancient times. While many ethics and traditions have begun to be forgotten with the modernizing world, the ethics and traditions in the marriage process are still alive. Turks are a group of people who lived in Central Asia and migrated to the Anatolian region in the historical process. There are very few sources about Turks who have a nomadic lifestyle. The reason for this is that at that time, verbal expression was valued and a lifestyle that was constantly in motion. In addition, the difficulty of obtaining the necessary tools and materials for writing and the importance of tools and materials that make people's daily lives easier is one of the most important reasons. However, the works that have survived from that period to the present day are of a nature that will provide us with an idea about the Turkish tradition and that period and shed light on today. Islam; It is a heavenly religion that emerged in the Arabian peninsula in the 6th century AD, and its discourse covers the whole world and contains belief, pray and moral provisions. It was shaped by the guide book sent by Allah and the behavior of the prophet who taught that book to people. Prophet who lives as "the best example" in the words of Allah; He explained the provisions to people, applied them and clarified the parts that could not be understood. Islamic aims to organize the life of its addressee both in this world and the life after this world. In this context, its rules and provisions have been formed, and it has come to the present day by being renewed every period on current issues. In this study; The perspectives of the two cultures on the family institution, which is regarded as the foundation of the society, were examined, the provisions and rules of Turkish tradition and Islamic law on family establishment and marriage were investigated, and the similarities and differences of the two legal systems were compared.

Islamic Law, Turkish Ethics, Family Law, Family, Marriage


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