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The Role of Population Policies in the Process of Turkey’s Demographic Transition

In parallel with socio-economic developments, the world population has experienced a major demographic transition over the past century. The efforts to understand how this transition took place and attempts to explain the diversity of demographic regimes brought out the Demographic Transition Theory. According to this theory, all societies move from a stage where fertility and mortality rates are high to a stage where both are low. In the demographic cycle, which takes place in certain stages, the main determining factor is the level of development of the countries. The purpose of this study is to question the role of population policies and determine whether there has been interference with the demographic transition process of Turkey’s population policy. Document review model, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the study. Turkish Statistical Institute’s (TSI) regulations that shape the population policy in Turkey constitute the main data source of the study. Demographic transition process of Turkey during 1920-2020 was evaluated based on the demographic criteria such as crude birth rate, crude death rate, total fertility rate, population growth rate, infant mortality rate, age distribution, median age, and average life expectancy. The population policies implemented in Turkey were covered in three stages. Firstly, pronatalist population policies implemented during the 1920-1963 and then antinatalist population policies during 1964-2013 were covered. Lastly, pronatalist population policies, which had been put into practice since 2014, were elaborated. It is observed that Turkey having a young population with its high fertility and mortality is gradually turning into an aging country with low fertility and mortality rate. Therefore, the implementation of Turkey’s pronatalist population policy should be sustained in a stable and consistent manner

Population, Demographic Transition, Population Policies, Turkey.


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