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An Overview of Family Counseling from Experiential / Humanist Therapy

The aim of this study is to determine the theoretical basis, therapeutic process and the functionality of the experiential/humanitarian family counseling theory, and to determine its effectiveness, strengths/weaknesses in counseling and to reach the result. Accordingly, the literature has been scanned, document analysis has been made and it has been tried to be explained in the light of available resources. Experiential family therapy, pioneered by Satir and Whitaker, is a family counseling approach that takes the basis of the theory from humanist, existentialist theories. Humanist approach; it sees people as unique and puts people at the center of their worth. This situation is also reflected in the psychotherapy process. Experiential / humanistic family therapy counselors aim to increase the potential of family members to be more authentic, to develop their self-awareness and to realize themselves by revealing the feelings, thoughts and feelings of family members. Humanistic theories, which still maintain their effectiveness in today's world, show that the place among the other family theories is effective and functional as the vital family counseling also responds to the needs of actual and contemporary people. According to the information obtained in the light of the sources, it is suggested that this theory, which is seen to be very useful in family counseling, should be used by the family counselors in the therapeutic process and they proceed by considering the concepts of self-culture and self-understanding. Thus, both theoretically and culturally, it can be said that it will contribute to the process of understanding and helping the client.

Humanism, Existence, Family Therapy, Existential Family Therapy


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