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Knowledge and Opinions of University Students About Complementary Therapy Applications

The purpose of this study; To reveal the state of vocabulary used by middleschool students who learnTurkish as a foreign language in park-street-playgrounds. Thestudy is limited to the determination of the words used by foreign students in the park, Street and playgrounds of the foreign students studying in thecity of Uşak. The research is in qualitativ eapproach and descriptive research type and scanning model is used. The study group consisted of 86 foreign students studying in four secondary schools with the highest population of foreign students in the city center of Uşak. The data of the study were collected by means of the word determination form filled out by an average of 20 students from the four schools included in the study. Each student in the study group was contacted; The information of the words they use in the park, Street and playgrounds was transferred to the Excel file and the word frequency was revealed. Then, the data acquired was grouped under the headings "space", "object", "person", "communicative expressions", "thematic" and "other" and the frequency numbers were calculated again. Inorderto increase the validity and reliability of the grouping; three experts, who are specialized in the field of Turkish education, have been consulted. The necessary corrections have been made within the framework of the received feedback and the final version of the study was created. As a result of th estudy; 4 schools with the highest number of foreign students in the city center of Uşak; a total of 86 (44 females and 42 males) foreign students provided 728 vocabulary words consisting of 194 varieties for “park-street-playgrounds”, which is a social living area. The words given by thestudents for these social living spaces were re-grouped in 6 subtitles (space, object, person, communicativeexpressions, thematic and other) and the frequencies of the words were taken. In the list of all the words and word groups written by the students, the most frequently repeated 3 words were "football", "swing" and "basketball" respectively

Turkish to Foreigners, Social Living Area, Turkish Education, Vocabulary Frequency


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