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Almond in Turkey in Terms of Agricultural, Geographical and Financial

Almond is one of the oldest garden plants that have been benefited from itself for thousands of years. Among the countries where the plant, originating in Asia, which have been first cultivated have also Turkey. Having a deep-rooted history in Turkey, almond has been unfortunately neglected for a long time and could not be the subject of cultivation with modern methods. In roughly the last decade in Turkey, a rapid development process has been initiated regarding almond with the raise in the studies of breeding and demonstration for almond and also with the rapid increase in the number of newly planted almond seedlings and almond trees obtained by grafting. As a result, as of 2018 almond production in Turkey has reached 100 thousand tons. Additionally, the development regarding the subject of almond cultivation in the country, especially in the Southeastern Region of Anatolia, draws attention. Even though the establishment of the almond orchard of farmings and the infrastructure towards increasing the production of almonds shows that Turkey will be among important almond producers in the long and medium-term, it must be drawn attention to that there are still some requirements which must be fulfilled in this field. Numerous aspects such as variety selection, support, and grants, organization, along with the marketing of value-added almond products by being developed are still some of the weak points. In this study, by considering some aspects such as the explanation of the general situation of almond in the world with reference to the principles of the Agricultural Geography, the historical progress of almond and its growing conditions, and also the geographical distribution and production amounts in Turkey, the sectoral structure (such as infrastructure situation, commercial dimension) has been handled. In consequence of the obtained results, hereby the precautions that must be taken have been presented by revealing the requirements and the gaps exposed in the current situation.

Almond, Prunus dulcis (Miller), Almond Trade, Agricultural Geography, Turkey.


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